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Meteorites, Me, and the Newspaper

Last month, I had the very great pleasure of spending time with a couple of reporters from our local newspaper. We first crossed paths back in March at a fossil and mineral show in town, and mentioned that meteorites were my game.

Several months later, I got an email out of the blue that the reporters were interested putting together a story about me and my meteorite collection. We met up and I shared some stones and stories. Then we met up again for more. And again for more. They were sincerely interested, and I was happy to share. The results of their labors appears here in a Missoulian article available online, but in print, some of the pictures were quite large. Embarrassingly so.

In the past when I’ve talked to reporters, the topic often digresses into craters or dinosaurs, or fake meteorites, but this time the discussion stayed focused (mostly) on those aspects of meteorites I find so fascinating. The reporters were great about fact-checking, and triangulating information, and I applaud them for that. In today’s world where “alternative facts” can carry weight, I was pleased that most of the facts stayed true to my message, and those that deviated were still close enough for the point I was making.

So for this installment of the Accretion Desk, please take a moment and enjoy a well-written meteorite person article.

Until next time….

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