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Meteorite Times Magazine is an on-line bi-monthly magazine devoted to every area of meteorite interest. Readers will find it full of meteorite articles, images, and stories about the people of the meteorite community. It is brought to you by The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. Read and learn about meteorites through the eyes of meteorite collectors, hunters, dealers, and researchers, as they study, hunt for, photograph, and collect meteorites from around the world. Join us six times a year for new issues full of meteorite information, news, and photography. Back issues from the last 12 years are always available for further study also.

Current Articles

Micro Visions
John Kashuba

Whiskers in NWA 16100

NWA 16100 was 1,922 grams, in three pieces, of olivine bearing diogenite-melt rock. It contains vesicles which are apparent in this cut fragment and whiskers

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Mitch’s Universe
Mitch Noda

Valera – Cow killer meteorite

Throughout the arc of time, there have been stories of meteorites that have hit things, such as, a mailbox (Claxton), car (Peekskill), house (Kobe, Park

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