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Metal in DaG 1040 CV3

Dar al Gani 1040 is from central Libya, found on a long limestone plateau at about 2,000 feet elevation. We’ve looked at DaG 1040 before and noted its friable matrix, varied chondrules and prominent metal. Here we’ll concentrate on the metal.

All photos, except the first two, are of thin sections in incident light.

Slice is about 55mm wide. Bright spots are metal. Some chondrules are armored. Note the dark inclusion at the top right.
The dark inclusion has less metal.

Light and dark inclusions have less metal than the regular lithology. Metal resides largely within chondrules.  The light and dark inclusions have few intact chondrules. Weathering of the metal causes the brown staining.

Metal blebs appear to occur randomly in some chondrules.
Often metal coats the outside of chondrules, “armoring” them.
This cross section of a barred olivine chondrule is well armored on its left side with fine bits of metal.
The thick rim of this chondrule contains relatively coarse particles of metal.
A thick rim with finely disseminated metal.

Each of these chondrules appear to contain partial rings of metal in addition to the outermost armoring.
A compound armored chondrule – both the large chondrule and the smaller one, attached at 10 o’clock, are rimmed in metal.
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