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Tony Irving’s Martians

In conjunction with the Meteoritical Society’s annual meeting which, this year, will be held in Santa Fe New Mexico, Dr. Tony Irving of the University of Washington will lead a post-meeting workshop {}
Saturday, July 29, 2017. The topic is Martian Meteorites Under the Microscope. Here are shots of some of the thin sections he will have for viewing and discussion.

Here, the lithologic/textural type of each meteorite noted is as listed in his An up-to-date List of Martian Meteorites. {}.

JaH 479 Shergottite (Enriched Mafic Diabasic)




Los Angeles Shergottite (Enriched Mafic Diabasic)




Nakhla Nakhlite (Clinopyroxenite)




NWA 998 Nakhlite (Clinopyroxenite)




NWA 1950 Shergottite (Intermediate Permafic Poikilitic)




NWA 2737 Chassignite (Dunite)





NWA 2986 Shergottite (Enriched Mafic Intersertal)



NWA 7320 Shergottite (Enriched Mafic Gabbroic)




SaU 008 Shergottite (Depleted Permafic Olivine-Phyric)




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