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Serra de Magé

Serra de Magé is an unbrecciated cumulate eucrite. It has a high feldspar content for a eucrite, ~65-70 volume %. The feldspar is anorthite. Pyroxene is orthopyroxene with often complex exsolution lamellae of augite sometimes described as appearing wormlike.

Sample is 13mm wide. Cross-polarized light (XPL).

Some opaques are visible. Note bits of fusion crust along the sloping upper edge. Plane polarized light (PPL).

The field of view (FOV) of each of the following eight photos is 3.1mm wide and they are in XPL.









FOV=1.5mm wide. XPL.

Two close-up photos of vesiculated fusion crust. FOV=0.3mm wide. Partially crossed polarized light.



Two close-up photos of inclusions in mineral grains. They appear to be voids that contain bits of solids and are arrayed in the planes of healed cracks. FOV=0.3mm. Partially crossed polarized light and PPL.


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