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NWA 8781 C-ungr

Northwest Africa 8781 C-ungr weighs 380 grams between several stones found together near Foum Zguid, Morocco, in July 2014. I find the reasoning for its classification informative. This is by the classifying scientist, Tony Irving.

This specimen is not a CV3 chondrite (chondrule size much too small, no CAI), not a CK chondrite (no magnetite), not a CO3 chondrite (oxygen isotopes are different, no CAI), and not a CM chondrite (matrix apparently anhydrous, oxygen isotopes displaced to more 16O-rich compositions). Therefore it seems to be an ungrouped carbonaceous chondrite.



In thin section it has a busy field of (mostly) small chondrules, olivine aggregates and mineral grains.



The sample is about 22mm high and 15mm wide. Thin section in transmitted light.



Field of view is 8.5mm wide. Cross-polarized light.






Some olivine aggregates are amoeboid, but not all. FOV=3mm



Aggregate is 0.5mm wide.



Feature is 0.4mm wide.



Aggregate is 0.18mm wide.



Aggregate is 0.5mm long.



Aggregate is 0.22mm wide.






Barred olivine chondrule is 0.4mm long.



Sphere is 0.2mm in diameter.



Radial pyroxene chondrule is 2.3mm in diameter.








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