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CK Chondrites

CK chondrites, Karoondites, contain objects that hint at the processes that produced the rocks we have in our collections. Here are a few.

A large chondrule with numerous different zones of parallel olivine “bars” – actually plates. The sets of bars have been cut at different angles so each presents differently. Killgore CK


An altered radial pyroxene chondrule with a distinct olivine rim and which contains olivine grains. DaG 275 CK4


The round object that occupies nearly the entire height of this frame contains at least two chondrules and many mineral grains. It is surrounded by a dark dust jacket. Maralinga CK4


Metal is still evident in this type 3 chondrite. We see staining of matrix and in cracks of silicate grains. Incident light. NWA 1665 CK3-an


This is a corner of the barred chondrule in the center of the previous picture. Metal / sulfide blebs occupy the rim here. Incident and cross polarized light. NWA 1665 CK3-an


Opaque phases make this a striking pair. Transmitted light. NWA 1694 CK3


This irregularly shaped assemblage of olivine grains has blebs of metal at points around its edges – the round black objects in this view. NWA 2372 CK4


Extensive solid state recrystalization has rendered the matrix translucent in this type 6 chondrite. NWA 2388 CK6


A striking barred olivine chondrule in a dark matrix. NWA 2708 CK4


A large, complex feature in NWA 4425 CK3.8. Field of view is 12mm wide.


A compound barred olivine chondrule with a sphere of metal in the rim at the top. A crater at the seven o’clock position might have been formed when a similar sphere vacated the chondrule. NWA 4657 CK4


A granular olivine chondrule with a shell of coarse olivine grains. NWA 4422 CK3.9


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