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Aba Panu L3

The silicates in Aba Panu have been strongly shocked so it is not a particularly pretty meteorite under the microscope in transmitted light, in spite of its being an L3. The Meteoritical Bulletin database says that metal and sulfide occurs as: fined grained spheres in the matrix; armoring chondrules; and, occasional lumps.

Our thin section sample in cross-polarized light. It is 25mm, one inch, wide at the base.



With the right lighting we can see reflections from some metal and sulfides.



One of the larger lumps.



These three chondrules are armored with metal and sulfide, though not obvious in incident light.



In reflected light the armoring stands out.



The same view in cross-polarized light.



Again, an armored chondrule in incident light.



And in reflected light where the layered armoring is apparent.



The same chondrule surrounded by opaque metal, sulfides and other dust. Below, for good measure, are several more shots of this same thin section, all in cross-polarized light.









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