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SaU 562 Eucrite

I first saw this material at “Ensisheim Météorite 2008.” Luc Labenne had come down from Paris for just the day and was blowing through the show really fast. He had a few thin sections, I had a homemade viewer to check them out and I bought a couple. It’s spectacular because of the relatively large mineral grains and it is not brecciated.

Later, we bought a slice from Luc and had this and other thin sections made. Early on it hadn’t acquired a name so we were calling it Labenne Eucrite.



This sample is 22 mm long. The white/gray is plagioclase feldspar. The brown is pigeonite pyroxene. Plane polarized light (PPL).



There are several shocked pockets with broken mineral grains and opaque minerals. We’ll look closer at one toward the top left. PPL.



Opaques and crushed pyroxene are surrounded by broken and crushed laths of feldspar. PPL. Field of view (FOV) is ~11 mm wide.



Same view in cross polarized light (XPL). FOV~11mm.



Closer. PPL. FOV~6 mm.



Same close view. XPL. FOV~6 mm.



Other views of this thin section. PPL. FOV= 3 mm.



PPL. FOV= 3 mm.



PPL. FOV= 3 mm.



XPL. FOV= 3 mm.



XPL. FOV= 3 mm.



XPL. FOV= 0.5 mm.



PPL. FOV= 0.3 mm.



XPL. FOV= 0.4 mm.
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