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NWA 2377 L3.7


There are a lot of pictures of NWA 2377 L3.7 on the web. No doubt this is because it’s such a good example of a chondrite. It’s got a dark matrix with large contrasting well defined chondrules. Mike Bandli (collector, dealer, hunter) sees “a candy filled chondrule matrix”. Yes, I’m adding another part slice picture to the worldwide cybermass. I just have to. But I’ll show you some new thin section pictures too. I just got my first thin section of this baby and it’s really pretty good.

This part slice is about 30 mm long. It looks like all the rest but you see what I mean.

This is my version. The view is about 9.3 mm wide.

Peter Marmet (all around nice guy) has a low magnification view of NWA 2377 on his

But what struck me most is that there are several compound chondrules on this one slide. You don’t find those every day. Here’s a finely barred chondrule inside a porphyritic one.

Another barred chondrule that had material accrete and crystallize around it.

And a big one, over three millimeters long.

Does it look like this formed around a BO chondrule fragment?

The variety of features on this slide is amazing. This granular aggregate contrasts with the POP chondrule above it.

Quite a variety of textures here.

Assorted forms.

Finally, these two; neighbors but different.

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