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Media Advisory – Extraordinary Meteorites Land in Heritage’s April 24 Nature & Science Auction

Fossils and gold also among event’s otherworldly highlights

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DALLAS, Texas (March 13, 2024) – An Allende Meteorite Slice from Chihuahua, Mexico that can be traced back to the origin of the Solar System will be among the out-of-this-world attractions that will touch down in Heritage’s Nature & Science Signature® Auction April 24.

Bidding begins approximately April 3 on

From arguably the best-studied of all meteorites, Allende is a Carbonaceous Chondrite, and is the largest of the variety ever found on Earth.

“Allende was a witnessed fall,” says Craig Kissick, Vice President of Nature and Science at Heritage Auctions. “It includes Calcium-Aluminum Inclusions (CAIs), which are among the oldest rocks in the Solar System, so an Allende sample is basically the oldest rock any human being could ever hold.”

Photo Credit: Heritage Auctions /

This event includes a second meteorite that is older than the Earth: an Aba Panu Meteorite End Cut from Oyo, Nigeria. This extraordinary chondrite, from a witnessed fall in April 2018, is one of only seven of the L3 variety in all of meteorite history. It includes a beautiful polished window display face, with an intense conglomeration of clasts of various sizes and colors in a pleasing green-gray matrix. Weighing an impressive 876 grams, the extremely thick, rocky mass measures almost 4.5 inches (11.4 cm) across.

The auction also features an exceptionally thick NWA 13119 Lunar Meteorite End Cut. This piece of the moon is massive, weighing 1.03 kilograms (2.27 pounds), a veritable behemoth considering the total amount of lunar material on Earth is only several hundred pounds. Left rough on one side, the polished cut side beautifully exhibits the sample’s magnificent feldspathic breccia.

Photo Credit: Heritage Auctions /

A magnificent Campo del Cielo Meteorite iron, from Chaco, Argentina, is as grand in appearance as it is in its sheer size (it weighs in at 21 kilograms, or 46 pounds). This museum-quality trophy is completely covered in superb regmaglypts, and virtually perfect in color, texture and shape.

Information and images of the more than 200 lots in this extraordinary auction — a trove that includes an incredible assortment of meteorites, Gold and fossils — can be found at

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