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Ločenice Moldavites; move over Besednice!

This year at the big Tucson show, one of the Czech moldavite suppliers had a frame of stunningly beautiful specimens recently recovered from the Ločenice area, a few kilometers northwest of Besednice (Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic). Ločenice is a long-known locality that has been revisited and systematically searched in the last year or two resulting in some of the finest specimens ever. The pieces are robust, richly colored, and the skin ornamentation is deep and glossy with a smoother character than the fragile, spiny, and somewhat frosted nature of Besednice.

Some specimens exhibit unmistakeable Anda-like ornamentation with parallel grooving reminiscent of rodent chew-marks. The first beauty we sold is being set into fine jewelry, an application perfectly suited to the new Ločenice material! Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires require a lot of modifications to bring out their glory. But these superb Ločenices are finished works of art. I am in awe.

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