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Jerome. Idaho’s First Stone Meteorite

Jerome was first found in 1954. A single 6.8kg stone was recovered from a plowed field in Jerome county, Idaho. While interesting in that it’s a meteorite, Jerome lacked even the most basic dignity of a complete classification. But for now, we’ll just have to settle for Jerome, L chondrite.

When I lived in Idaho, I visited Jerome often. Just north of Twin Falls in South-central Idaho. About as eventful as any small town in Idaho, but being the home of Idaho’s first, and for 30 years only stone meteorite.

The main mass of Jerome resides in my collection. As it sits right now, the single largest piece of Jerome is a hair more than 4kg, still over half of the original stone.

While not much of a looker, Jerome does hold a special place in Idaho’s history, and in the part of Idaho in my heart from living there a dozen years, and where my kids were born. Now that I’m living under the Big Sky, the Twodot, Montana stone meteorite is important to me. But for a brief portion of my life, Jerome was my quest. Later, I added Wilder, Idaho to mix rounding out all the stone meteorites found In Montana and Idaho, a chunk of land almost 231,000 square miles, or 60 million hectares!

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