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Book Review: How To Find Treasure From Space

How To books can be similar to the instructions that come with furniture requiring assembly. Something written by an engineer who has never actually spread the parts out on a family room floor and attempted to put the thing together. That is not the case with “How to Find Treasure from Space” by Geoffrey Notkin. Geoff is not just a meteorite hunter, Geoff is a meteorite finder and he has found meteorites in almost every environment on Earth from forests and mountains to flat farmland to blazing hot deserts. If you want to learn something difficult to do it is always better to receive your education from someone who has vast experience and a record of success. If you can find someone who wants to share their wisdom with excitement and fantastic stories that’s even better. All of that and more is what the seeker of knowledge about meteorite hunting will receive in “How To Find Treasure From Space.”

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Over the last few years, I have read dozens of comments online from individuals that have “to find a meteorite” on their bucket list. Sometimes the person will say, “I have been hunting for years and not found one yet.” Meteorites are rare and they often hide very well. Geoff Notkin has learned how to find these elusive objects regardless of how well they conceal themselves. He has learned their habits and knows his quarry intimately. He offers this knowledge and wisdom in a book overflowing with beautiful photographs from his many journeys. He tells the reader everything they need to know. He begins with a detailed introduction to all the types of meteorites. The tools, methods, and safety are all covered along with the practical side of doing it correctly to get the most return for the investment of time and money.

While it is true that this book is titled the same as a version he produced a number of years ago. It is a totally updated rewrite with much more information, tips and photography. The equipment and tools have improved and Geoff’s skills have sharpened as well and he has new stories to tell. It takes work and time to find meteorites but if you go prepared by reading “How To Find Treasure From Space” you will get off with a great start.

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