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Holbrook – 99th Anniversary (2011) – Meteorite Hunt Images from the Ruben Garcia/Jim Wooddell-hosted gathering of meteorite hunters.

Make no mistake, this was a GROUP meteorite-hunt.
Maybe one of the largest group-hunts.
Probably the largest one with the highest percentage of “beginner” hunters. (And I’ve led a couple of those kind of group-hunts.)
Certainly, this was one of the largest group-hunts with the highest number of “first-ever” meteorite finds!

And speaking of numbers, here they are:
45 meteorite hunters found 93 meteorites (13 were first-ever finds)in a one-day period (July 16, 2001) totalling 440grams.

So, a big “THANK YOU” goes to Ruben Garcia (who is always the first person to volunteer to be host for any social gathering), for taking a casual comment about a “99 year anniversary” and to turn it into a fun, group meteorite hunt (not that Ruben needs an excuse to socialize). And the same “Thank you” goes to Jim & Wendy Wooddell for their logistical support and managing of the daily (and nightly) activities, which insured a successful social event.

And to all of those who have taken the time to share their images and videos of the Holbrook Hunt with us, a big “Thank you”, as well. I’m sure glad that Ben Fisler’s son, Erik, is such a good photographer, and that they took time from finding all of those meteorites in order to record this “event”. Because, I think they’ll be talking about this “group hunt” or many years from now.

Although this group hunt has been ably documented by many of those in attendance, I still wish I had taken more images while hunting in the strewnfield. Especially of people making their very first meteorite find, because this only happens once in each finders lifetime. And to be able to re-live this event (even vicariously) through its recording, would be reinvigorating to the soul of every meteorite hunter.

So, my article this month will be primarily a compilation of everyone’s images and reports. At least, all of those images and reports that I could find. Hopefully, this will serve as a convenient “Reference” in the future for those who will be making plans to attend the “100th Anniversary Holbrook Meteorite Hunt”.


(L-toR) Erik Fisler, Troy Ball, Roy, Richard Garcia, Terry Scott, Jim Wooddell

But I did record the group activities the evening before and after the Saturday hunt. And that is what I would like to comment on here. Upon arriving at the Motel 6 on Friday evening and entering into the central courtyard, it was as if we had registered for a symposium, because we encountered several dozen people standing around in small circles engaged in animated discussions (talking about meteorite-recovery). All that was missing were the name-tags.


(L-to-R) Ruben Garcia, Michael Mulgrew, Xu Zhang, Rob Crane, Terry Scott, Bob Verish, Erik Fisler, Nick Gessler

A good percentage of these people had never found a meteorite, and a few had never gone on a meteorite hunt before coming to Holbrook. Some of these neophytes had brought rocks they had found with the hope that one of the more experienced hunters would deem their “hopeful” as being a meteorite. All of the others were intently listening, trying to learn why these meteor-wrongs were not meteorites. The crowd around Ruben Garcia was particularly large. It seemed like the meteor-wrong discussions were going to last all night.



In an effort to answer everyone’s questions, Ruben brought out his collection of Holbrook stones and conducted an impromptu free-clinic on “Meteorite Identification”. I feel that Ruben’s extra effort in educating, by conducting this class on meteorite ID, was a factor in the overall success of the hunt the next day. After Ruben’s free-seminar, conversations over dinner would be centered on meteorites. After dinner, small groups would form to continue discussing various meteorite-related subjects long into the night.


Standing: Jim Wooddell, Richard Garcia, Ruben Garcia, Erik Fisler, Mark Bowling, Michael Mulgrew

Then the next evening, even after a whole day of meteorite-hunting, everyone pitched-in to make the awards ceremony as memorable as making your first find. Jim and Wendy found the time to make Certificates of Achievement for all 47 participants, as well as, the trophy awards, not the least of which was the award bestowed upon Ruben for his unique social skills which made possible this anniversary as a historical day in meteorite-recovery.


The specimen that Ruben Garcia presented to Moni Waiblinger

After Ruben accepted his award, he and Erik personally awarded each meteorite hunter with their Certificate, and in addition, if that person hadn’t made a find that day, they were given an original Ruben Garcia genuine Holbrook meteorite along with limited-edition Mr.Meteorite ID Card & CoA (which were much larger than any of the fragments that I found)!! By my count, there were 19 people who were presented with a Holbrook meteorite gratis-free by Ruben!



As I mentioned earlier, I have some images of the Holbrook mini-meteorites that I found. I’ve uploaded those and I’ve made them available on-line on my “Image Gallery of microscopic Holbrook Meteorites”. Just wanted to comment here on some of the other activities that centered on the “99th Year Anniversary” Holbrook Meteorite Hunt.



I am looking forward to next year, and to the “100th Anniversary Holbrook Meteorite Hunt”.

Click here to go to “Bob’s Findings Article for August 2011 – Gallery of Images” to see more images of microscopic Holbrook Meteorites – 2011.


The Wikipedia: entry for Holbrook
– contains links to the Holbrook Meteorite.,_Arizona

Bob Verish: his 1998 website for the micro METEORITES
– found on his first-ever trip to Holbrook, webpage titled:
“Bolidechaser Travels to Holbrook”
May 1, 1998
Holbrook Meteorite (L6) Strewn Field
Navajo County, Arizona< /cite>

Ruben Garcia – post in Club Space Rock:
where he first proposed the idea of a “group hunt” to be held on the anniversary of the Holbrook fall,
with MANY comments:
Holbrook 99th anniversary Meteorite Hunt
Posted by
on May 27, 2011 at 11:36AM in “Meteorite Hunting” cs/holbrook-99th-anniversary


The following “References” are links to postssent to the Meteorite-List soon after the “99th Year Anniversary – Holbrook Meteorite Hunt”:

Ruben Garcia: his first post titled:
[Meteorite-List] 99th year Anniversary Holbrook Hunt – A Huge Success! e-list/2011-July/078352.html

Jim Wooddell: his first post with reply to Ruben titled:
[Meteorite-List] 99th year Anniversary Holbrook Hunt – A Huge Success! e-list/2011-July/078361.html

Mark Bowling: his reply to Jim and Ruben’s post titled:
[Meteorite-List] 99th year Anniversary Holbrook Hunt – A Huge Success! e-list/2011-July/078365.html

Ruben Garcia: his second post titled:
[Meteorite-List] 99th year Anniversary Holbrook Hunt – A Huge Success! e-list/2011-July/078367.html

The following “References” are links to images and videostaken by individuals who attended, or actually hunted on July 16th, at the “99th Year Anniversary – Holbrook Meteorite Hunt”:

Michael Mulgrew: his first post, including
a link to an image of his “first ever” meteorite find (made during the Holbrook Hunt)
in his reply to Ruben’s 2nd post, titled:
[Meteorite-List] 99th year Anniversary Holbrook Hunt – A Huge Success! e-list/2011-July/078368.html

Jim Wooddell: his next post, which includes
a link to his website’s “Scrapbook” with his images taken during the Holbrook Hunt
in his reply to Ruben’s 2nd post, titled:

[Meteorite-List] 99th year Anniversary Holbrook Hunt – A Huge Success!
by Jim Wooddell
Mon Jul 18 12:55:56 EDT 2011
Hello everyone, once again!
I apologize, if I am bugging anyone! I just posted Wendy’s and my
Holbrook Hunt finds in my scrapbook. Note the little steel-blue Iron
meteorite I found. I had several field comments on this one…like “WOW!”
Check it out.
I also posted the only field picture I took that day (shame on me) of
Richard’s Garcia’s 47 grammer! What an awesome stone and my new phone
takes fair pictures!
Hope you enjoy.. x.html
Jim Wooddell
——————— e-list/2011-July/078378.html

Ruben Garcia:
– included a link to a VIDEO
in his Mon Jul 18 21:37:04 EDT 2011 post to the Met-List, titled:
[Meteorite-List] 99th Anniversary Holbrook Hunt VIDEO! e-list/2011-July/078389.html

Erik Fisler:
– included a link to a great montage of IMAGES
in his Tue Jul 19 03:04:48 EDT 2011 post to the Met-List, titled:
[Meteorite-List] Photos of Holbrook Anniversary Hunt & Finds e-list/2011-July/078405.html

Michael Mulgrew:
– included a link to a great gallery of IMAGES (as part of his Holbrook Hunt “trip-report”),
in his reply to Erik Fisler’s post, titled:
[Meteorite-List] Photos of Holbrook Anniversary Hunt & Finds
by Michael Mulgrew
Wed Jul 20 01:42:08 EDT 2011
Please allow me to share my pictures from the weekend’s hunt:
-Michael in so. Cal. e-list/2011-July/078449.html

Nick Gessler:
– included a link to his recently updated Holbrook webpage
which have excellent images of his microscopic finds from the 2011 July 16th Hunt
in his post to the Met-List, which started an interesting thread, titled:

Abe Enochs:
– was at Holbrooks with his son and filmed this VIDEO
[can’t find his post to the Met-List], although it is listed with other videos HERE!
But his video is titled:
[Holbrook – 99th Anniversary Meteorite Hunt ] on YouTube! hpf63iAOhs&



Click here to go to “Bob’s Findings Article for August 2011 – Gallery of Images” to see more images of microscopic Holbrook Meteorites – 2011.

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