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EarthUnder: The Meteorite Chronicles Book Review

Edwin Thompson has been a mentor to meteorite hunters and a cheery friend to space rock collectors and enthusiasts at gem shows everywhere for years. For much of that time he has been sharpening his writing skills with adventure stories and magazine articles. Now Edwin Thompson has taken his vast experience in meteorites and meteorite hunting and mixed it with his world traveler experience to create a science fiction adventure with depth of story and scenery that enthralls the reader.


Deception, betrayal, car chases, shoot outs, and of course meteorites are all spiced up with a bit of romance to make “EarthUnder The Meteorite Chronicles” the best book I have read in years. For the reader that has never been stuck in desert sand and fought to get their vehicle going again Edwin will take you into the desert to live that experience and others. For those of us who have been stuck that way it is a chance to relive the nightmare without the pain. Mr Thompson does a great job of pulling the reader into situations again and again with deeply developed characters that we struggle with side-by-side. EarthUnder is the first installment of a series that will continue to break out into new areas of sci-fi previously unexplored.

EarthUnder The Meteorite Chronicles” is available online at Amazon in ebook and paperback, and at Inkwater Press in paperback, hard binding and ebook formats. The price for paperback is $14.95 and hardcover is $25.95. It is available in Kindle and ePub formats for $3.99.


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