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DaG 1040 CV3 Small Features

DaG 1040 CV3 contains a lot of metal and a variety of large chondrules and calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions. Here is a selection of smaller objects, all found in a single thin section. The largest is a one half millimeter diameter chondrule. All photos were taken in cross-polarized light.

Chondrule is 0.4mm in diameter.



Chondrule is 0.2mm in diameter.



CAI is 0.5mm long.



Chondrule is 0.14mm in diameter.



Amoeboid olivine aggregate is 0.3mm long.



Chondrule is 0.3mm in diameter.



Chondrule is 0.2mm long.



Chondrule is 0.5mm in diameter.



Barred olivine chondrule with a one quarter millimeter diameter bleb of metal.



Silicate inclusion in metal. Field of view is 0.3mm wide.



0.3mm wide.



0.10mm wide.
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