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Crashed Chondrules

Hey Chuck,
I hope you still check out Tom Phillips’ pictures. He’s still doing awesome stuff. Several folks have commented on pictures he posted last month. I particularly like the first one in the series, a low magnification shot of a barred chondrule with a chunk blasted off. You can see it by going to the menu frame at the left and clicking on Tom Phillips Gallery, then at the top of the new page click Features and on the left choose Barred Chondrule #1. Or just use this link and choose Barred Chondrule #1.

Of course his high magnification shots are just beyondo.

That first picture got me to thinking about a few crashed chondrules I’ve seen. Check ‘em out.

– John

Something smashed into the left side of this BO chondrule and shoved stacks of olivine plates both up and down. A couple in the middle got just plain pulverized. Souslovo L4.


I wonder if this one got hit from the back or from our side and blew out the rim to the left. NWA 2224 CV3.


My buddy Jeff thinks this is a crashed chondrule. Maybe it is. To me it looks like Packman coughing confetti. Korra Korrabes H3


Here’s a barred bat bashing a ball - or the other way around. They both suffer. The bat broke all the way through with a long curving crack.
Up close we see bent and crushed plates and slip along shear planes. Very cool. Julesburg L3

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