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Breccia From Heaven

Brecciated NWA complete slice
This amazing NWA-something-or-other is a Ringwoodite-rich brecciated L6 chondrite from the hot desert. More than a few pieces similar to this were recovered a decade or more ago, but very few contain an oriented brecciation like this one.


Brecciated NWA
The curvature of the fragmentation is unusual given the extreme violence applied to this slice’s parent body in order to produce such breakage.


Brecciated NWA
Black shock veins and nickel-iron nodules surround many of the fragments. As I’ve noted before with breccias, this a geologic photograph of a impact forever preserving the record of its rough childhood.


Brecciated NWA
It’s interesting that the rectangular fragments have a similar form in many ways. I fancy it a small Stonehenge from space with blocks on blocks in ordered arcs.


Brecciated NWA
Like streets through a city, the shock veins mark the traffic lanes around the building and open space. Once flowing like rivers, the filler between fragments cemented position for billions of years until exposed to light only recently.


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