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Axtell CV3 New Sections

Ten years ago we took a look at this meteorite that was found south of Dallas, Texas in 1943. Here are some photos from new thin sections, all in cross- polarized light.



A porphyritic pyroxene chondrule.





Axtell displays a variety of calcium-aluminum–rich inclusions.



Axtell contains chondrules and chondrule-like objects around which dust and fine grains have coalesced and, perhaps, have sintered. Field of view is 6.3mm wide.



Note the long skeletal laths on the right.







Barred olivine chondrule with a thick igneous rim, portions of which are in optical continuity with interior bars – both orange and blue.



A barred olivine chondrule with several sets of bars. The hint of hourglass geometry on the left side suggests crystallographic twinning.



A barred olivine chondrule 0.25mm in apparent diameter.



Another small BO chondrule. Field of view is 0.4mm wide.
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