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ASU Higher Magnification

This is a selection of photos of various thin sections in the horde released by Arizona State University earlier this year.  Most are at a higher magnification than those I usually place here.

Complex chondrule. Diameter 0.6mm. Allende CV3
Complex chondrule. Diameter 1mm. Allende CV3
Barred olivine chondrule. The upper portion of this chondrule displays four warm colored segments of bars whose arrangement suggests the hourglass configuration that Roger Warin, Frédéric Hatert and I discussed in the November 2010 issue of Meteorite magazine. We found that hourglass chondrules are mineralogical twins. Diameter 0.45mm. Faith H5

Crystals in vugs. Gladstone H4
Crystals in a vug. Field of view 0.52mm wide. Gladstone H4
Barred olivine chondrule with two distinct sets of bars, each with its associated rim. New Concord L6
Like the broken barred olivine chondrule in Selma H4 we looked at in September 2014, this BO chondrule broke and slipped “vertically” before being sectioned. We could demonstrate the geometry of this by holding a peeled cooked egg point up and slicing it in half with a knife from top to bottom; then sliding one of the halves down, vertically, one third of its height; then making a horizontal cut through both pieces at the level of the center of the stationary half. Taiban L5
Barred olivine chondrule with metal blebs (sparkling blue). Cross-polarized transmitted light and incident light. Wellman (a) H5
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