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A clast in an L3.2 (NWA 2798)

NWA 2798 L3.2 S2 W1 contains chondrules and clasts that contain fine acicular crystals. Here we look at a larger one.

This is the 1.57 gram part slice from which our thin section was made. It was about one millimeter thick. I believe that, for some reason, we got only one section from it.



The section is covered.



The 7mm long clast is on the edge of the sample. Transmitted light.



Under the microscope the sprays of fine crystals shimmer. FOV=9mm, plane polarized light, PPL.



There is a thin fusion crust and heat affected layer. Note the opaque spherical blebs. FOV=0.5mm, PPL.



FOV=9mm, cross-polarized light, XPL.



FOV=7mm, XPL.



FOV=3mm, XPL.



FOV=3mm, XPL.



FOV=0.8mm, XPL.
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