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Vugs and Vacuoles in D’Orbigny Meteorite


The D’Orbigny angrite is famous for a lot of things. Among them are holes – vugs and vacuoles. The irregular vugs are usually filled with a tangle of well formed dark augite crystals. The vacuoles or vesicles are spherical. Most are empty. Some contain glass. These three dimensional features are hard to appreciate in two dimensional pictures. Trying to overcome this I’ve taken pictures from different angles then put them in motion as animated GIFs. The traditional Web View of Meteorite Times supports animated GIFs. The Magazine View does not.

Still shot of a cut spherical vesicle near the edge of a slice. D’Orbigny angrite.


Animated GIF of a slice of the d’Orbigny angrite highlighting a cut spherical vesicle near the edge.


Still shot of a tangle of augite crystals in a vug. D’Orbigny angrite.


Animated GIF of a crystal laden vug in the d’Orbigny angrite. If the image does an Escher trick and does not look like a cavity, keep looking and it should reverse. Hint; the yellowish mineral below center is near the viewer.


A small translucent crystal in the d’Orbigny angrite.


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