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Paul Harris

Paul is the webmaster for all of The Meteorite Exchange's websites including Meteorite Times Magazine. His fascination with all things space related began as a young boy during the Space Race. His free time is divided between meteorites, astrophotography, webmaster, and the daily operations of the ecommerce website


Tektites – one of the most enigmatic things on Earth… by Roman Davidov from the April 2005 Issue. Tektites – one of the most enigmatic...

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Zhamanshin Exploration

by Roman Davidov (revisited from the June 2003 issue of Meteorite Times) Zhamanshin. This word translated from Kazakh language like “bad soil” or “land without...

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Ivory Coast Tektites

by Alain Carion The tektites of Ivory Coast are without a doubt the rarest of the tektites in any collections. They have been found while...

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Darwin Glass

Darwin glass is an impactite caused by a meteorite impact. This natural glass is found south of Queenstown in West Coast, Tasmania.      ...

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