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Norm Lehrman

Norm Lehrman is a recently retired exploration geologist with over 45 years experience. His career involved fieldwork in over 35 countries on every continent except Antarctica. While stationed in Australia, Norm and his wife, Cookie, became interested in collecting Australites, which ultimately led to a generalized passion for tektites, impactites, meteorites and related materials. In 1999 they founded the Tektite Source business ( which has evolved into one of the world's premier providers of tektite and impactite specimens. Norm has retired to a ranch near Spokane, Washington, where they continue to serve tektite aficionados worldwide.

Chicxulub Tektites?

The Wuhan coronavirus has served as a vivid reminder of how quickly our whole world can change. It has brought to public consciousness great plagues...

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Cosmic Glass Tektite Patties

In previous columns, we have been working through a review of the classic tektite morphologies. If the perfect minimalist tektite collection was limited to just...

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A Tour of Tektite Teardrops

On our planet, the grand cabinet of curiosities contains a very limited range of glass teardrops. Volcanic eruptions can form fire-fountain droplets like Pele’s Tears...

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Thailandite Thermal Ablation Cores?

Thermal ablation effects are the hallmark of Australites. Nearly all show them in some variation. Cores form as the incandescently-hot frontal surface expands and flakes...

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