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Mitch Noda

Mitch Noda

Mitch has been an avid collector of meteorites, tektites and related ephemera for over ten years. He has been fortunate to have made many good friends while doing it.

Oscar Monnig

Recently, I was talking with my friend Dr. Carleton Moore, and he suggested that I write an article about Oscar Monnig. I had always planned...

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As I write this article, the tragic events of the shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas unfolded. Two teachers and nineteen students died...

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Fit for Royalty: Shirahagi

Like many cultures, the Japanese revere its meteorites. Japan is home to the Nogata meteorite which is the oldest recorded witness fall that occurred over...

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Paris Meteorite

The Paris, Los Angeles and New York meteorites share a common history of being meteorites that were found outside those large famous metropolitan cities that...

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Meteorwrongs – Pseudometeorites

About a dozen years ago, I started collecting “Meteorwrongs” or “Pseudometeorites” for a few reasons. First and most importantly, they fascinated me. How could some...

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