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Picture of John Kashuba

John Kashuba

John is a natural history enthusiast living in Oregon.

Spherules in NWA 4884

NWA 4884 is a lunar mingled basalt-rich breccia. It has both mare and highland components. It is launch paired with Antarctic meteorites QUE 94281 and...

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SaU 562 Eucrite

I first saw this material at “Ensisheim Météorite 2008.” Luc Labenne had come down from Paris for just the day and was blowing through the...

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Whiskers in NWA 16100

NWA 16100 was 1,922 grams, in three pieces, of olivine bearing diogenite-melt rock. It contains vesicles which are apparent in this cut fragment and whiskers...

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Cedar (Texas) H4

This thin section was one of a hoard that was deaccessioned by Arizona State University in 2014. My notes from then say “Very large sample....

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Portales Valley H6

Portales Valley H6 is an odd meteorite. Since it fell in New Mexico in June 1998 researchers have worked to explain how it formed. The...

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Gladstone (stone)

The Meteoritical Bulletin Database tells us that Gladstone (stone) is 57.3 kg of H4 found in New Mexico in 1936. A little digging unearthed more...

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Calama 074 Fusion Crust

Calama 074 is a 17 gram oriented ordinary chondrite found in October 2018 by Ilya Kryachko on a limestone plateau 40 km east of the...

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Axtell CV3 New Sections

Ten years ago we took a look at this meteorite that was found south of Dallas, Texas in 1943. Here are some photos from new...

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NWA 5245 R3

Here are some objects we found in the Rumuruti chondrite, NWA 5245 R3. All are in thin section and viewed in cross-polarized light. We like...

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Devitrified Glass

Many chondrules consist of phenocrysts embedded in a glassy mesostasis. Sometimes the interstitial glass will have been annealed to such an extent that it will...

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Oriented Gao Fusion Crust

The Gao-Guenie fall in 1960 produced many oriented stones. I bought this small one from Marcin Cimała and had it thin sectioned.      ...

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