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The Meteorite Times Team

Meet the Meteorite Team of dedicated Authors

Agnese Fazio

Agnese Fazio is a final-year PhD student of the Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra (Earth Science Department) of Pisa University. Her thesis title is Shock Metamorphism and Impact Melting at Kamil Crater, Egypt. In 2014, she won the “Barringer Family Fund for Meteorite Impact Research” for a project on the study of the high pressure minerals occurring in Kamil sandstones and the Brian Mason Travel Award for the 77th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society supported by the International Meteorite Collectors Association.

Anne Black

I am a French-native, who moved to the States many years ago. Being in Colorado, I discovered the Denver Mineral Show, and I met Dr Alain Carion, the French expert and I started helping him during the Denver Show. Eventually he got me interested in meteorites but I really learned all about them when he asked me to translate his book “Meteorites” into English. That led to many new things: translation of his second book on meteorites, of various articles and most of all it lead to the creation of my website: IMPACTIKA.com in 1998. As a full-time meteorite dealer I now attend the shows in Denver, Ensisheim and Tucson where I have my own showroom. Along the way I also participated in the creation of the International Meteorite Collectors Association, where I was elected and re-elected President, and wrote many articles that you will find on Meteorite-Times.com.

Dustin Dickens

Dustin has been fascinated with meteorites and space science for as long as he can remember. Though formally trained in computer science, this love eventually translated into writing about, hunting for and studying meteorites full time. He is the founder of Top Meteorite http://TopMeteorite.com and Curator for Maroc Meteoritics where he spent many years in the field studying the Agoudal impact structure. Dustin has originated meteorites and impactites for museums on three continents, he works closely with several of the world’s leading meteoritical research universities, and continues to write prolifically on a variety of subjects including meteorites and planetary science.

Ellen J. Crapster-Pregont

Ellen Crapster-Pregont is a PhD candidate at Columbia University in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences conducting research at the American Museum of Natural History. Her thesis work focuses on constraining conditions in the solar system by studying components of chondrites. She received the 2015 Brian Mason Travel Award supported by the International Meteorite Collectors Association for the 78th Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting.

James Tobin

The Meteorite Exchange, Inc. was born in 1996 with meteorite.com and Meteorite Times Magazine in 2002. Still enthusiastic about meteorites and all things related to them, we hunt, collect, cut and prepare specimens. We travel to gem shows and enjoy meteorites as much now as in the beginning. Please feel free to share any comments you have on this or any of our other sites.

John Kashuba

John is a natural history enthusiast living in Oregon.

Luke Daly

Academic bioLuke Daly is a new post-doctorate researcher at the University of Glasgow and part of the Solar System Volatiles research group lead by Professor Martin Lee. Prior to this he obtained an MSci in Geology from Imperial College London 2012 and a PhD at Curtin University, Australia in early 2017.Luke’s research interests in Planetary Science centre around the analysis of primitive meteorites to extract information about solar system formation and asteroid evolution. In particular evaluating the micro-structure, geochemistry and isotopic features of minute sub-micrometre materials using techniques such as the atom probe, which is capable of analysing individual atoms. These allow us to analyse meteorites and, by extension, the processes that formed them in unprecedented detail.

Martin Goff

My name is Martin Goff and I am a meteorite obsessive! I have been collecting meteorites since 2007, my first specimen being a small Campo del Cielo crystal (which of course I still have) I am in awe of these rocks from space and just to hold something in your hand that is older than the Earth that we live on still blows me away every time. Being able to look back in time in such a real and tangible way is amazing. The feeling of wonderment and sense of perspective that this gives you never goes away and in fact only deepens as your knowledge increases.

Martin Horejsi

Dr. Martin Horejsi is a Professor of Instructional Technology and Science Education at The University of Montana. A long-time meteorite collector and writer, before publishing his column The Accretion Desk in The Meteorite Times, he contributed often and wrote the column From The Strewnfields in Meteorite Magazine. Horejsi is currently a monthly columnist in The Science Teacher, a journal by the National Science Teachers Association.Horejsi specializes in the collection and study of historic witnessed fall meteorites with the older, smaller, and rarer the better. Although his meteorite collection once numbered over a thousand pieces with near that many different locations, several large trades and sales have streamlined the collection to about 250 locations with all but 10 being important witnessed falls.Many of the significant specimens in Horejsi's collection are historic witnessed falls that once occupied prominence in the meteorite collections of Robert A. Haag, James Schwade, and Michael Farmer. Other important specimens were acquired through institutional trades including those from The Smithsonian Institution, Arizona State University, and other universities.

Melinda Hutson

Dr. Melinda Hutson serves as curator of the Cascadia Meteorite Laboratory (CML) at Portland at Portland State University, where she works on a variety of meteoritic research projects with Dr. Alex Ruzicka. Dr. Hutson teaches numerous geology/astronomy/planetary science courses to undergraduates. She also assists lab member Dick Pugh in CML's public outreach program.

Michael Blood

Michael Blood has collected and dealt in meteorites for over 20 years and was one of the first three or four meteorite dealers to post his meteorite catalog on the WEB. He earned Auctioneer certification at the prestigious Missouri School of Auctioneering in 1999 and held the first meteorite auction at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show the following year And every year since, during which time it has become a major attraction to the international crowd of meteorite collectors and dealers attending the the Tucson Show.He is the author of numerous articles which have been published in VOYAGE! and METEORITE MAGAZINE and writes a monthly column for METEORITE-TIMES Magazine entitled Meteorite Market Trends. He was the original moderator of the first on line Meteorite Discussion Group (sponsored by Meteorite Central), which later became the daily meteorite open forum news letter, known simply as The List.For his contributions to the world of meteoritics he was presented the Harvey Award in 2005.

Norm Lehrman

Norm Lehrman is a recently retired exploration geologist with over 45 years experience. His career involved fieldwork in over 35 countries on every continent except Antarctica. While stationed in Australia, Norm and his wife, Cookie, became interested in collecting Australites, which ultimately led to a generalized passion for tektites, impactites, meteorites and related materials. In 1999 they founded the Tektite Source business (www.TektiteSource.com) which has evolved into one of the world's premier providers of tektite and impactite specimens. Norm has retired to a ranch near Spokane, Washington, where they continue to serve tektite aficionados worldwide.

Paul Harris

Paul is the webmaster for all of The Meteorite Exchange's websites including Meteorite Times Magazine. His fascination with all things space related began as a young boy during the Space Race. His free time is divided between meteorites, astrophotography, webmaster, and the daily operations of the eCommerce website www.meteorites-for-sale.com.

Robert Verish

Bob is a retired aerospace engineer living in Southern California, and has been recovering meteorites from the Southwest U.S. Deserts since 1995.