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The following websites are good resources for Meteorite Pictures / Collections / Museums.

Meteorite Picture of the Day

Tucson Meteorites provides a wonderful service to the meteorite community by providing a new meteorite picture each day. They are always looking for meteorite picture submissions so please help out. Be sure to view this site as there are some wonderful meteorites shown there.

Encyclopedia of Meteorites

Enjoy the new Encyclopedia of Meteorites, and feel free to use our powerful search engine to your heart’s content. And be sure to bookmark this site as your number one resource of meteorite information.

Falling Rocks Meteorite Collection

Museum quality private meteorite collection. Some meteorites offered as available for trade or sale. I purchase meteorite collections and meteorites for sale. Priorities focused on specimen preservation and education, particularly with children. Historic specimens and scientific journals and other publications are featured. Meteorite photos, information and samples are available for scientific research, museum exhibition, students and children.

Meteorite Labels and Biographies Archive

The Meteorite Labels and Biographies Archive specializes in building a pictorial database of meteorite specimen labels and the biographical information they contain obtained from meteorite collectors, meteorite dealers and meteorite institutions and companies. The Meteorite Labels and Biographies Archive is continually being updated with new labels and biographical data. We welcome your submissions to our ever growing database of information.

Nevada Meteorite Picture of the Month

A collection of Nevada meteorite images. Every month since 2002 an image has appeared on this website depicting the “Nevada Meteorite of the Month”. The images usually depict a meteorite on the ground in the position as it was originally found. This is known as an “in-situ” image. These kind of images are used to record meteorite-recovery data, and are an attempt to record the geologic setting in the immediate vicinity of the meteorite find.