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Our Meteorite of the Month is kindly provided by Tucson Meteorites who hosts
The Meteorite Picture of the Day.

Suzanne Morrison, IMCA 5146.

Suzanne writes:

This is a highly weathered, to the point of shale, iron meteorite from the Wabar Craters in Saudi Arabia. It has an incredible ‘popped’ appearance, like it has been exploded out along planes. I had a great conversation with a crater expert and he explained iron meteorites during a crater forming event are subjected to such immense pressures and temperatures, it is possible to ‘weather’ the meteorite fragments upon impact. This causes, in moments, what is typically seen after many, many years of being subjected to terrestrial weathering. This piece came out of the collection of a gentleman who made multiple trips to the Wabar Craters in the 1990s.

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