Meteorite Articles In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Robert Verish

August 2009 Summer Vacation
July 2009 Update on "Slag Meteor-wrongs"
June 2009 Another Technique to Improve Meteorite-Recovery
May 2009 Merced Meteor of Dec 27th 2008
April 2009 The Cairns of Gold Basin
March 2009 What Made the Recovery of Meteorites at West, TX such a Success?
February 2009 The 2009 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show
January 2009 Past "Bob's Findings" Articles - Revisions and Updates
December 2008 Oum Rokba v. NWA 400
November 2008 A Simple Technique to Improve Meteorite-Recovery
October 2008 Recent Observations at Bluewing Flat
September 2008 Stratofox.Org's Crater Assault #3
August 2008 Gold Basin Area Meteorites
July 2008 Endangered Strewn Fields - the need for Cultural Resource Assessment Studies on Threatened Meteorite Localities
April 2008 April 1998 - Looking Back 10 Years Ago
March 2008 From Asteroids to Meteoroids to Meteors to Meteorites
February 2008 Meteorites Stolen from Museum - Still no sign of these meteorites that were stolen over a year ago.
January 2008 Recent Crater at Willcox Playa - Nov. 2007
November 2007 Sand Encrusted Stones of the NWA 869 Meteorite
October 2007 The Search for Steve Fossett
September 2007 The Bouse Meteorite - Part 2
August 2007 The Bouse Meteorite
July 2007 Slag Meteor-wrongs - Another Sulfide slag source found
June 2007 Dutch Flat (IIAB) - Another low-Iridium iron meteorite. But, is it paired to Sikhote-Alin?
May 2007 Another Buck Mountains (L6) - An Arizona "find" that was bought at the 2007 Tucson Show just got classified?
April 2007 El Mirage Dry Lake 001 - When is a meteorite "too small" to be classified?
February 2007 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show - Feb. 2007
January 2007 Previous "Bob's Findings" Articles - Revisions and Updates


December 2006 Weekend Outing from 5 Years Ago
November 2006
October 2006
September 2006 Selected Articles from Mineral News - 2006 Issues
July 2006 Safety Tips for Desert Hikers and Travelers
June 2006 UXO Encounters
May 2006 The Adler Planetarium
April 2006

Another Dry Lake Becomes "Restricted Access"

March 2006

Drylakes and Examples of "Transported Rocks"
- Geologic Processes that can Accumulate Meteorites on Stranding Surfaces -

February 2006 Nova 006
January 2006 Nova 005


December 2005 Guest Article: How to Dispose of Your Collection
November 2005 More Problems for Museums
October 2005 The Last in a Series of Articles:
Museums Are Selling-off Their Collections - the Original Editorial
September 2005

Guest Editorial: Museums Are Selling-off Their Collections!

August 2005

Mineral Collecting - a Hobby in Decline - Could This Happen to Meteorite Collecting?

July 2005 Impact Field Studies Group
June 2005 Documentation of Mineral [Meteorite] Specimens
May 2005 Coyote Dry Lake Meteorites
April 2005 Reclassification: Gold Basin shown to be L4-6
March 2005 Willcox Playa 005, WP 006, and WP 007 - Image Gallery
February 2005 Willcox Playa 004 - Image Gallery
January 2005 The Bishop Bolide of 1994


December 2004 December News
November 2004 Correo (H4)
October 2004 Red Dry Lake 024 and 025
September 2004

Field Report - June 2004 Recon Trip - Meteorite-Recovery Effort for the June 3rd Bolide over Snohomish County, Washington

August 2004 Field Notes from The Sand Hills of Washington:
Sand Hills Coulee, Adams County, Washington, USA
July 2004 Meteorite Recovery Season - All Over the World
June 2004

Out of the Office - In the Field

May 2004

Taking Pictures of Meteorites In-Situ
Images of "in-place" meteorites - as they were found on the ground

April 2004

A Few "Meteorites from North America" - in the Meteoritical Bulletin No. 88, 2004 July

March 2004 The Southern African Meteorite Recovery Program
February 2004 Field Notes: Willcox Playa, Cochise County, Arizona
January 2004 Note From the Field: Record the "Time of Day" for each Recovered Meteorite


December 2003 Recently Recovered Meteorites
November 2003 Museum Takes Meteorite-Collecting Field Trip to - Superior Valley -
October 2003 Dave Freeman's First Find
September 2003 ERRATUM: Mud Dry Lake has been classified as - H3.8 S1 W3 Fa18.2%
August 2003 66th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society  July 28 - August 1, 2003
July 2003 Reconstructing Fragmented Meteorite Finds
June 2003

Meteoritic Iron Shale - relict metal and sulfide grains
Canyon Diablo and Odessa meteorites

May 2003 Cuddeback Dry Lake Meteorites - found by the
Cal-Nevada Meteorite-Recovery Team Members
April 2003

Abstracts presented at -
The 34th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC - 2003)

March 2003

This month's Article has been POSTPONED - due to the events following the Columbia Shuttle Re-entry Disaster - this month's article is being pre-empted by the announcement of the formation of the "Debris-Locators List"

February 2003 Just in time for the Tucson Show - A New Arizona Chondrite -
Presenting the "Franconia Meteorite"
January 2003 Year-end Miscellany


November 2002

The "Elko Crater Field" Revisited - A Reconnaissance Report

October 2002

The Panamint Valley "Crater"

September 2002

Some Recently Found Meteorites

August 2002


July 2002

Met Soc 2002 Meeting Coming to L.A.!

June 2002

NOT another article about "Gold Basin AREA" Meteorites!


Why the term "Gold Basin AREA"