Meteorite Articles In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Martin Horejsi

August 2009 An August 1962 Witnessed Fall: Bogou, Upper Volta, Africa - A Life Measured in Iron Falls
July 2009 A July 1790 Witnessed Fall: Barbotan, France
June 2009 A June 1939 Witnessed Fall: Chervony Kut, Ukraine
May 2009 A May 1831 Witnessed Fall: Vouillé, France
April 2009 An April 1891 Witnessed Fall: Indarch, Azerbaijan
March 2009 A March 1868 Witnessed Fall: Daniëlskuil, South Africa
February 2009 Meteorites 2.0 - We're not in Kansas anymore. Or Nebraska. Or Texas.
January 2009 A January 1947 Witnessed Fall: The Git-Git Chondrite
Overshadowed by Historic Proportions
December 2008 Another "Toolbox Meteorite" Souslovo, Russia
November 2008 A Medicine Meteorite: Queens Mercy - A South African H6 Fall with a Great Story and Low TKW... that just might grow Larger.
October 2008 The Meteorite Display in the Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History in Hastings, Nebraska
September 2008 Atoka, Oklahoma - A Comic Cosmic Chondrite Chain Reaction
August 2008 A Pair of South African Irons
July 2008 Kilbourn at $7 per gram!
June 2008 The Meteorites Behind the Scenes of the Denver Museum of Natural History
May 2008 The 2008 Smithsonian  Air and Space Museum Trophy winners:
April 2008 The Oriented Miller Chondrite: "A White Pigeon......But Moving Much Faster!"
March 2008 NWA 2086: The Mother of all CAIs Is this the Largest Calcium Aluminum Inclusion in the World?

February 2007

The Accretion Desk Takes a Break

January 2007



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September 2006 Abee Road "Everything about this meteorite is interesting."
August 2006
July 2006
June 2006 Khohar, India: One of a Pair of L3 Twins
May 2006
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March 2006 Happy Tucsoning in 2006
February 2006 STARDUST Memories
January 2006 Gumoschnik and Pavel: Two Stones From The Land Of Bulgars


December 2005 Kendrapara, India:A Tale of Modern Day Folklore
November 2005 Personal Parameters: Setting Limits to Increase Purpose
October 2005 Hraschina put the H in Historical!
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December 2003 2003 Resolutions Revisited
November 2003 262 Years of Meteorites in 30 Days
October 2003 Esoteric Collecting: Part 1
Seeing Double: When One Specimen Number Is Not Enough
September 2003 Stone Orientation: Nuevo Mercurio, Bensour & Millbillillie
August 2003 My Top 10 Favorite Display Pieces in the Meteorite Exhibit at the Smithsonian' s National Museum of Natural History.
July 2003 The Wonderful Abundance of Oriented Taza Irons
June 2003 What Is The Price Per Gram of An Act Of God?
May 2003 The Anatomy of a Trade Gibeon for Johnstown at 1:1?
April 2003 Meteorites and Space Exploration
March 2003 Meteorite-Times Interview with Martin Horejsi
February 2003 The National Institute of Polar Research, Tokyo, Japan
January 2003

Meteorite Collecting Resolutions for 2003


December 2002 Cosmic Fabrics: The Visual Texture of Meteorite Interiors
November 2002 Lucky Numbers: Specimen Labels as License Plates from the Past
October 2002 Leaving A Paper Trail:
September 2002

The Gentlemanly Art of Meteorite Collecting

August 2002
July 2002

Historical Presence: The Joy of Micromounts

June 2002

Independence, Missouri:

May2002 The Meteorites of the US National Museum of Natural History
Part 2: Behind Locked Doors
April 2002

The Meteorites of the US National Museum of Natural History
Part 1: The Public Sector