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NWA 5245 R3

Here are some objects we found in the Rumuruti chondrite, NWA 5245 R3. All are in thin section and viewed in cross-polarized light. We like...

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Devitrified Glass

Many chondrules consist of phenocrysts embedded in a glassy mesostasis. Sometimes the interstitial glass will have been annealed to such an extent that it will...

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NWA 13784 CV3-an

NWA 13784 CV3-an was brought to us by Hanno Strufe and Andreas Grünemeyer, described by Ansgar Greshake with oxygen isotopes by Karen Ziegler. It appears...

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D’Orbigny angrite

Alcide d’Orbigny was a French naturalist who explored South America from 1826 to 1833. The 16.55kg meteorite was found near the Argentine settlement that bears...

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NWA 12692 LL3.00 S3 W2

The 3.00 designation is assigned to chondrites that have experienced the least amount of metamorphism. Few are recognized. In September 2021 there are ten. The...

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