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An Article In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Paul Harris


Tektite-like bodies from Lonar crater, India
by Jan Frank

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The tektite-like bodies from Lonar crater were described by Nayak 1972,Fredriksson et.al., 1973 and Murali et.al.,1987. The field trip the author took earlier this year confirmed occurrence of both irregular and splash forms of the glass in the SE, N, and W part of ejecta. According to one hypothesis, the irregularly formed glass bodies are parts broken off from larger glass bombs that can be found in the same location. The occurrence of dull and lustrous variety was also examined. Dull, pitted and grayish-black variety of dense, aerodynamically shaped pieces of glass was verified to prevail in the SE part of ejecta field. Only two pieces of lustrous, splash form were found and it may appear they have a different thermal history. The peeling off dull, weathered layer from the surface can be possibly caused by human activity in this area. Occasional aerial burning of grass and bushes here could cause a change of streght in thin surface layer of glass of the tektite-like body in upper part of ejecta sediment, where they were found. However, incidence of all tektite-like bodies, is really rare in all parts of the ejecta.