An Article In Meteorite Times Magazine
by Jim Tobin


Meteorite Books

It has been a long time since I have read any Science Fiction. I have either been too busy writing books of my own or in reading the meteorite books and journals that regularly arrive in the mail. However, the last few days I have had the pleasure to read an advance copy of a new Sci Fi novel that is about to hit the book stands.

After years of not reading fiction. I have to say that this book was a surprise. I knew from correspondence with the author that it contained material about meteorites in the story line. But, I had no idea that meteorites would be such a huge portion of the content. It is truly a story of meteorites. Both what they are in fact and what they might be and could do.

I donít want to give any of the story away here. I do want to say that so much of the story is filled with information about meteorites that I think any regular reader of Meteorite Times will find it both enjoyable as fiction and fascinating for all the facts about space rocks it contains. For the most part it was accurate in what the author says about meteorites. There were a few spots where it was off enough that I felt the author might not be personally that familiar with meteorites. Just a feeling really that he might not have handled personally very many. But most of the time it was on the mark or close enough to the mark that I just enjoyed the story as I read.

The story is of intrigue, futuristic technology, political unrest, and of course meteorites all wrapped in an eternal search for something I will leave to the next readerís discovery.

Spears of God by Howard V. Hendrix gets under your skin so that you really anticipate your next opportunity to continue reading. I would have called in sick and read it cover to cover if I could have. It is scheduled to be released in December so look for it if you like Science Fiction and especially if you want to read fiction about meteorites. You will see a lot of real meteorite names and a lot of facts about historic falls that will surprise you too. Surprising mostly because they will be correct almost always. Unlike, so many movies where the facts are irrelevant and how it looks is all that matters. Spears of God is first of all founded on a good base of meteoritic science and the story draws out from there.

It is published in the United States by Del Rey Books. Try for more information.

With that said, it is the end of the year and Tucson is around the corner. I hope if you are going that you have already made your arrangements. It will be tough from now on to find accommodations and flights. It will be interesting to see if the supply of NWA meteorites continues to follow a trend of decline seen the last couple years. It will likewise be interesting to see if classic and historic meteorites continue to make the strong reemergence seen over the same couple of past years.

I am almost done with my own next book now. Sort of in that final stage where you do the formatting of the pages and the creation of the table of contents. You know you are near the end when you begin thinking about the page numbering. I'm sticking in the last photographs and things like that. I was tempted to use more pictures. There are a lot of pictures as it is now, I might add a few more. Keep thinking of one more topic I could or should put in. There is no section about general meteorite knowledge. It jumps right into the story of Meteor Crater with no background on the types of meteorites that exist or any history of meteorites. I might write one more chapter, it couldnít hurt I suppose. I donít expect to sell many books. But writing it has been a need I had to satisfy. My last book did well enough in sales but just did not go deep enough to really make me happy. This one is really an expansion of the last book. This one is more complete and will have some surprises for the historians who read it.

Here are some pictures of meteorite related things, just because my article usually has pictures. Until next month, enjoy the holidays.


Old Sterling Silver Spoon From Meteor Crater


374 gram Unclassified NWA


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