An Article In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Paul Harris


Collector of Collectors

Please Note:
"I invite you to please share your views and images of specimens that you have either
supporting or opposing so that we can all better understand these amazing objects.
The below is just an observation of what could be and counter views are welcomed."

In March of 2003 my Tektite of the Month article was "When Small Worlds Collide" and I wrote about the collision of tektites during flight while still plastic.  Since 2003 I have acquired more specimens of this type and I'll write a more in depth article about them in the future when time permits. 

Below are two images from the same Guang Dong specimen.  This specimen contains a smaller oval tektite imbedded into it's body.  The larger body was initially a hollow form and at some point burst leaving the typical radiating star pattern. Traces of this pattern can be seen at the 10 o'clock position.  The spalled off area at the 7 o'clock position shows the welding of the two sides which occurred after the hollow form burst.  Did the collision cause the hollow form to burst?


The image below is a close-up of the imbedded tektite from a shallower camera angle to show it's resting depth into the larger body.  I will try to obtain a better image in the future article. 

If you have any specimens showing tektite collisions, please contact me using the email address at the bottom of the left frame.  We will feature them in a future Tektite of the Month.