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by Paul Harris



13.2 gram specimen


Tektite Books



McCall, G.J.H., (2001), Tektites in the Geological Record, The Geological Society London

ISBN: 1-86239-085-1

Purchase Information:
The Geological Society of London's online Bookshop.
Enter "tektite" in the keyword search feature.

AAPG Bookstore, PO Box 979, Tulsa OK 74101
(918) 584-2555
Email bookstore@aapg.org


Heinen, Guy, (1998), Tektites Witnesses Of Cosmic Catastrophes, Guy Heinen, Luxembourg

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Povenmire, Hal,  (2003), TEKTITES: A Cosmic Enigma, Hal Povenmire

Hal has just finished his new book which is much larger and more comprehensive with 4 times as many pictures as his earlier edition.
$20.00 plus $2.00 postage/handling in the US.  International orders please inquire on postage/handling charges.

Purchase Information:
Hal Povenmire
215 Osage Dr.
Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937 USA




Bagnall, Philip M., (1991), The Meteorite & Tektite Collector's Handbook, Willmann-Bell, Inc., Richmond Virginia

ISBN: 0-943396-31-X



McNamara, K & Bevan, A, (1991), Tektites, Western Australian Museum, Perth, Western Australia

ISBN: 0-7309-0035-0


Bouska, Vladimir (1994). Moldavites: The Czech Tektites, Prague, Czechoslovakia.


O'Keefe, J. A., (1976), Tektites And Their Origin, Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISBN: 0-444-41350-2


Barnes, V and Barnes, M, (1973). TEKTITES, Dowden, Hutchinson, & Ross, Inc.

ISBN: 0-87933-027-9


Barnes, V, (1995), On Solid Ground: Memoirs of a Texas Geologist, Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas, Austin, Texas


Albin, Edward, (1997), GEORGIAITES: Tektite Geochemistry and Stratigraphic Occurrence in East-Central Georgia, Edward Albin


SILICA '96: Edited by Vincenzo de Michele
Proceedings of the Silica '96 Meeting, held at the University of Bologna on the 18th July 1996 Silica Glass (or Libyan Desert Glass - LDG) and its origin

Seconda Strada, 3 - San Felice
20090 SEGRATE (MI) Italy
Tel. (+39) 2 75.32.635



Glass, B. P, (1968), Microtektites and the Origin of the Australasian Tektite Strewn Field, Center For Meteorite Studies, Arizona State University, Tempe Arizona


Baker, G, (May, 1944), Flanges Of Australites, Reprinted from Memoirs of the National Museum, Melbourne, Australia