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by Paul Harris

The following photos and descriptions were provided by Rob from Queensland, Australia.

A complete, oval, flanged Australite I found in a sand and gravel pit in the state of Victoria in '77. This specimen
and many of the others were found in the same general location and were still embedded in the strata that they originally
would have landed. All Australites from this location show only minor etching from soil acids and have very "fresh" surfaces.

A small flanged "bowl" with the remains of a fragile "winged" specimen to the right. One of these fragile "winged"
specimens I recovered in the seventies was actually exposed by a recent rain storm. The drops of rain
had shattered the  Australite into about a half dozen pieces.  I donated this particular tektite to the
University of Melbourne. The "wing" shown is a very thin  and drawn out part of the flange section.