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by Paul Harris


A Pair of Bediasites

Bediasite tektites are one of the two tektites found in the United States. They occur in a portion of the state of Texas. Like their distant cousins from Georgia they are currently thought to have formed during the impact event at what is now Chesapeake Bay.

The tektite on the left is a 21 gram specimen which shows some wear and on this side has few remaining markings. The specimen on the right is a 18.53 gram individual with much detail remaining and little wear. Both specimens were members of the first Futrell Collection and show their catalog numbers.

The opposite sides of the same two specimens show again wear on the left though some original texture remains in the form of the often seen horseshoe like depressions. The specimen on the right again has a much fresher appearance and the typical cup depressions and grooves.