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by Paul Harris

Guang Dong
 by Jim Tobin

Even with tektites the pedigree is important though of course more so with meteorites.

Is this is a Guang Dong tektite from China? Thatís what the seller said. And when I saw it I was really surprised. It has a surface as shiny and black as any Thailand or Vietnam tektite I have. For that matter it would stand well on color and shine against any other Indochinite in my collection.

The usual Guang Dong tektite has a duller and grayish appearance.  And they are a little more glob like I think. This has a thinner more streamlined shape. I thought that perhaps it was simply a mistake or just sold because no one would ever really care where it was from. So they just said it was Guang Dong. However, the sellers were Chinese. Making it at first thought more probable that it would be Guang Dong from their own country. But, still I thought that it might be a Thailand tektite. It does have little bits of lateritic soil still adhering to it. But, as I looked at the surface more carefully I saw it was different from Thailandís.  Also, the one end that has been abraded a little from handling does show a different color that is grayish. I will look up the occurrences of lateritic soil in Chinese tektites when I have a chance just to be sure. But, for now I am happy to entertain the idea that it May be a Guang Dong as it was labeled. Research May prove otherwise, I needed a little detective challenge.