An Article In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Paul Harris

The Australasian Strewn Field

The Australasian Strewn Field is a truly amazing phenomenon.  Of the four known strewn fields, the Australasian Strewn Field is both the youngest (0.77-0.78 Ma {million years old}), and the largest strewn field covering a 10th the surface area of the Earth.  The strewn field covers an area from Southern China, South East Asia, the Indian Ocean, Indonesia and the Philippines, to Southern Australia.  The most puzzling aspect of this strewn field is that even though it is the the youngest and largest strewn field. the source crater has yet to be found.

Strewn Field Source Crater Diameter
of Crater
Splash Forms Ablated Microtektites
Australasian ? ? X X X X
Ivory Coast Bosumtwi Crater 10.5 km   X   X
Moldavite Nordlinger Ries 24 km X X    
North American Chesapeake Bay 90km X X X X

The Australasian Strewn Field contains all four specimen types, Muong Nong, Splash Form, Ablated and Microtektite.  This strewn field has the largest and most abundant Muong Nong type, Splash Form and Ablated specimens.  The largest Muong Nong specimen is approximately 24 kg,  The most intriguing tektite to most people is the ablated Australian specimens call Australite Buttons, Dumbbells, and Boats. A more in depth article will appear in the coming months on these amazing specimens which can be seen below.

What do we do about the missing source for the Australasian Strewn Field?  Good discussions on the missing source structure for the Australasian Strewn Field are contained in the following books. 

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