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July 2020 Issue

A Tale of Type 3.00

The strangeness of 2020 continues and I am spending most of my time at home. About the only meteorite related stuff happening to me is

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Ozerki L6 IMB

Ozerki fell June 21, 2018 in Lipetsk oblast, European Russia, about 240 miles south of Moscow. More than a hundred stones were found totaling over

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The Untouchable Camp Verde

Ever since I started collecting meteorites my interest in the history and stories surrounding the specimens has been a prime motivator for what I would

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Sikhote-Alin adventure in May 1995

“Sikhote-Alin adventure in May 1995”, summarized for the Meteorite Times magazine I bought my first Sikhote-Alin collection sample, an explosion fragment (shrapnel) with some 270

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