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November 2015 Issue

Bob’s Bulletin – Vol. 1 No. 4

A newsletter for “orphaned” meteorites from the USA.   In my first Bulletin, I introduced the phrase “orphaned-meteorites from the USA”. I defined these “orphans”

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Amoeboid Olivine Aggregates

Amoeboid olivine aggregates are common millimeter size inclusions in carbonaceous chondrite meteorites. Some are amoeba shaped, some are more chondrule-like. Their textures and compositions are

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Telescoped Tektite Teardrops.

One of the more graphic Lei Gong Mo morphologies is the splatted or telescoped teardrop. The image above presents a developmental sequence (in side view)

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James D. Kriegh

In Memory of James D. Kriegh 1928 – 2007 Meteorite-Times was blessed with the opportunity to interview Jim Kriegh in October 2006. Jim was loved

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