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July 2013 Issue

Part 2 of Primm Meteorites

The effort to reconstruct fragmented meteorites continues Part 1 of this story was my last article (May 2013) and was titled: Primm and the other

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DaG 978 C3-ung

Dar al Gani 978 resembles CR chondrites in that it has relatively large chondrules which contain blebs of metal. Certain elemental abundances resemble those of

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A Wabar Dumbell!

“—below me, as I stood on that hill-top transfixed, lay the twin craters, whose black walls stood up gauntly above the encroaching sand like the

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Bassikounou H5 Meteorite

Our Meteorite of the Month is kindly provided by Tucson Meteorites who hosts The Meteorite Picture of the Day. Submit Pictures to Meteorite Pictures of

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