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June 2012 Issue

Griffith Observatory

It had been several years since I had been to the Griffith Observatory and my granddaughter had never been so we took her. My wife

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IMCA Insights – June 2012

The meteorite de Monferre (France) By Jean-Michel Masson Translated by Anne Black Late in the evening probably around 10pm, during the summer of 1923, the

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Angrites are achondrites consisting largely of augite.  Augite is a pyroxene containing calcium and, in this case, some titanium and aluminum.  Olivine and plagioclase make

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Georgiaite Teardrop

This particularly fine Georgiaite teardrop is pictured in two Georgia mathematics textbooks. It was found January 25, 2003 near Riddleville, Washington County, Georgia, almost exactly

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NWA 6007 Meteorite

Our Meteorite of the Month is kindly provided by Tucson Meteorites who hosts The Meteorite Picture of the Day. Submit Pictures to Meteorite Pictures of

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