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Anda Philippinite

Here is a classic Anda tektite from northwestern Pangasinan Province, Republic of the Philippines. This specimen shows the trademark bowtie or flower ornamentation reminiscent of rodent chew marks common to this region.
There are also Thailandites with Anda-like ornamentation (and they are often inappropriately offered on Ebay as “Anda tektites”; to merit the name genuine Andas must come from the Anda region!).

(54.5 grams; author’s personal collection)

The peculiar ornamentation decorates both primary surfaces and, as seen in the second photo, old breaks and bubble interiors. The latter implies a terrestrial etching origin. I have noted differences in the average specific gravity of Anda and non-Anda Philippinites. The same contrast occurs in Anda-like Thailandites and their non-Anda-like counterparts, which hints at a possible compositional factor contributing to the ornamentation, the full explanation of which remains a mystery for me. (54.5 grams; author’s personal collection).

About the Author

Norm Lehrman is a recently retired exploration geologist with over 45 years experience. His career involved fieldwork in over 35 countries on every continent except Antarctica. While stationed in Australia, Norm and his wife, Cookie, became interested in collecting Australites, which ultimately led to a generalized passion for tektites, impactites, meteorites and related materials. In 1999 they founded the Tektite Source business (www.TektiteSource.com) which has evolved into one of the world's premier providers of tektite and impactite specimens. Norm has retired to a ranch near Spokane, Washington, where they continue to serve tektite aficionados worldwide.