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Allende Special

The Allende CV3 meteorite contains many components. Here are some less common chondrules, a collection from three Allende thin sections. Except for the last two, the views are 3.1 mm wide. The others are 0.9 mm and 1.1 mm wide details. All are in cross-polarized light.

The first chondrule is also shown in Richard Norton’s The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites, page 131. The caption there reads:

An anorthite-forsterite-spinel chondrule from an Allende CV3.2. The large white crystals along the edge are plagioclase. Spinel is scattered through the chondrule as very small opaque crystals. The darker blades are forsterite. Note that the forsterite and plagioclase are radially arranged with respect to the center. A sparse olivine aggregate is in the lower left and upper right corners. Viewed in crossed-polarized light. The chondrule is 1.6 mm diameter.

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John is a natural history enthusiast living in Oregon.