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Ensisheim Show Report by Martin Goff

Martin Goff next to the Ensisheim Meteorite main mass.

Next to the historic Ensisheim main mass.

The annual Ensisheim show is the nearest meteorite show to me in the UK and is somewhere that I had been intending to visit for many years. I had vicariously enjoyed the show from looking wistfully at all the photos and videos that were shared every year and had also been subject to much persuasion from regular show goers and friends Graham Ensor and Luther Jackson. And so when the British and Irish Meteorite Society of which I am a member was asked to put on a display of UK and Irish meteorites at the show it was definitely the right time to put in an appearance at Ensisheim. The following is my trip report from the 2014 Ensisheim show and hopefully gives a good flavour of what it is like to attend. I would highly recommend the show to anyone who has not yet been and I for one will certainly be back again :-)

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About the Author

My name is Martin Goff and I am a meteorite obsessive! I have been collecting meteorites since 2007, my first specimen being a small Campo del Cielo crystal (which of course I still have) I am in awe of these rocks from space and just to hold something in your hand that is older than the Earth that we live on still blows me away every time. Being able to look back in time in such a real and tangible way is amazing. The feeling of wonderment and sense of perspective that this gives you never goes away and in fact only deepens as your knowledge increases.