An Article In Meteorite-Times Magazine
by Tom Phillips

NWA 4588 (L5) S5 W1

This meteorite belongs to Roman Jirasek of He manufactures the cool metal meteorite labels.

I usually include a mixture of magnifications and techniques in a Micro Vision post but his meteorite has so much beautiful opaque material, viewing in standard transmitted cross polarized light did not "show it off". So all of the images shown here are viewed in combined transmitted (pass through) and incident (reflected) cross polarized light. Look at the iron and various iron related compounds revealed in these images. In one shot I can see 5 different opaque compounds that would be just completely black in a standard cross polarized light micrograph. Magnification is 160X.

Thanks Roman, this meteorite was a pleasure to work with.

Note: Only polished uncovered thin sections are usable for these techniques.

Tom Phillips

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