Group Meteorite Hunt in Franconia (Part 1)

This Group Meteorite Hunt at Franconia was unlike any of my previous Franconia excursions. This time Ė knowing that so many would take part - I insisted on documenting the event. After all, I wanted to see how much had changed in the years since I had last visited the area.

Many of the people featured in this two part video are very good meteorite hunters and make it look easy. However, only about half of the people that came actually found a meteorite! Most of the newbies just didnít have enough experience to be a threat, but they vowed to return.

My 208 gram find was the first and largest of the day. Donít be fooled though, I got lucky! Meteorite hunting at Franconia wasnít as easy as it used to be. I remember when finding a meteorite was as simple as balancing my detector - it sure isnít anymore.

By nightfall I had counted twenty five meteorite hunters that participated in one way or another with this extraordinary event. The level of expertise ran the gamut from professionals like Robert Ward, to locals like John Wolfe to brand new meteorite Hunters like Tiffany Wetzel.

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Good luck and happy hunting!

Ruben Garcia
Phoenix, Arizona